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RugGear RG750

The RugGear RG750 is a high-performance smartphone for mission-critical communications. The device is ideal to use due to its secially designed PTT button and front speakers. Powered by a Qualcomm QCM4290 processor, it has a large 5000mAh removable battery for long working days.


RugGear RG750


The RugGear RG750 is RugGear’s newest device designed for emergency communications. This smartphone is powered by a Qualcomm processor and is equipped with a special large PTT button. Thanks to its side knob and a rotary knob for channel selection, communication becomes easier. In addition, its powerful front speakers enable communication in the loudest of environments. This makes it the perfect device for mission-critical communications.

Global network

The RG750 covers all LTE bands so it can operate around the world. This will simplify the purchasing process for businesses because it will no longer be necessary to order different SKUs/devices depending on the region of operation. One device works everywhere!

Qualcomm processor

The RugGear 750 is powered by the Qualcomm QCM4290 processor making it faster than its predecessor. Its dual APN native capability makes it perfect for collaboration with major Mission Critical Push To Talk solutions. Furthermore, better battery optimization will improve the performance of the removable 5000mAh battery, making it ideal for long working days.

WiFi roaming

The RG750 has fast and seamless access to WiFi network zones. It is no longer necessary to manually switch networks, making work communication more efficient.



  • Color: Black
  • Operating system: Android 12
  • Size and weight: 136.5 x 66.5 x 24.5 mm, 284g
  • Display: 4.0-inch / HD, 640 x 1136
  • Power and battery: 5000 mAh
  • IP-Rating: 68
  • Drop proof: 1.5 meters
  • Shock proof: MIL-STD-810G
  • Connector: USB-C 3.0, Magnetic, 13PIN


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What’s in the Box

  • Device
  • Quick start guide
  • USB-C cable & power adapter
  • SIM Tool
  • Mini Screwdriver


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