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Crosscall Stellar X5

The Crosscall Stellar X5 sets the benchmark for design and innovation. Its 6.497″ display ensures an unmatched reading experience, while the device, boasting a slim profile of only 11.9 mm, stands out for its stylish aesthetics and ergonomic design. With a weight of just 249 g and a carefully crafted design, this smartphone offers a perfect fit in your hand.


Crosscall Stellar X5

The Crosscall Stellar X5 is a model of design and innovation. The 6.497″ display provides unparalleled reading comfort and the device, at just 11.9 mm thick, excels in both aesthetics and ergonomics. Weighing only 249 g and with a thoughtful design, this smartphone fits perfectly in the hand.

Robustness and Ease of Use

The Stellar X5 stands out for its ruggedness. The phone offers an exceptional 5-year warranty, including on the battery, setting a new standard in the world of rugged smartphones. The 4,500 mAh battery provides up to almost 2.5 days of performance, ideal for users who demand a lot from their phone. Crosscall offers battery replacement under specific conditions during the warranty period.

Core benefits
  • Ergonomic Design: Slim, light and easy to handle.
  • Extended Battery Life: Nearly 2.5 days of operation without recharging.
  • Long-term Warranty: 5 years, including the battery.
  • Superior Cameras: Equipped with a 16 MP front camera and a 50 MP, 80° rear camera.
  • Special Features: Includes volume buttons, fingerprint scanner, X-BLOCKER slots, customizable buttons, and more.
  • Water Resistance: Special waterproof USB-C connector.
  • X-LINKTM Technology: Capable of mounting, charging, and data transfer.

For more information about the Crosscall Stellar X5, please visit the Crosscall website. For personal advice, our experts are always ready to help you further!



  • Display: 6.497″, for superior viewing comfort
  • Weight and Size: 249 g and 11.9 mm thickness
  • Battery capacity: 4,500 mAh, good for nearly 2.5 days of use
  • Camera Features: 16 MP front, 50 MP 80° and 13 MP 120° at the back
  • Connectivity options: USB-C and X-LINKTM for various connectivity
  • Protection: Water and dust proof with rugged construction
  • Sound system: Quality speaker and microphone for clear communication
  • Control interface: User-friendly interaction with physical buttons and a touchscreen
  • Software compatibility: Works seamlessly with popular apps and services
  • Accessories: Includes options for a security line and SIM card pocket


Supporting Documents

What’s in the Box

  • Crosscall Stellar X5
  • USB-C charging cable
  • X-Blocker


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