Vuzix M Series Headband


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Vuzix M Series headband

The Vuzix headband is specially designed to easily and comfortably attach the Vuzix M400 and M4000 smart glasses to the head.

Key Benefits
  • Adjustable design for portable comfort
  • Stable mounting for the M400 and M4000
  • Use with left or right eye possible


Vuzix M Series headbandVuzix M Series Headband

Headband developed for the M-series

Fully adjustable, this headband fits comfortably to any head size and provides a stable fit for the M-Series Smart Glasses.

The elasticated headband is padded for comfort and features an M-Series On-Frame Battery attachment on one side and a single custom Vuzix rail attachment on the other, allowing use with the left or right eye.