Turtleback Balastec holster Sonim XP10


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Turtleback Balastec holster Sonim XP10

The Turtleback Balastec holster Sonim XP10 is made of virtually unbreakable Balastec Plastic. The holster has an ergonomic design and allows access to ports and buttons of the Sonim XP10.


Turtleback Balastec holster Sonim XP10

Introducing the Sonim phone case made specifically for the Sonim XP10 by Turtleback. The patented phone clip holster has a 3-lock system making this the most secure plastic belt holster for the Sonim XP10. The swivel clip system ratchets into position and is fully removable by spinning the clip upside down, allowing you to lift your phone off the belt clip.

This clip system and holster are ultra-durable and rugged and are made with proprietary Balastec Plastic blend – a virtually unbreakable plastic!

  • Made of Virtually Unbreakable Balastec Plastic
  • Ergonomically designed insert/remove your phone with one hand
  • Access to ports and buttons and accessories like microphone attachments
  • Compatible with all Sonim XP10 Phones from AT&T, Verizon and Sprint
  • Three Year Full Warranty, Designed in USA