RugGear PTT headset 3.5mm


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RugGear PTT headset 3.5mm

The RugGear PTT headset is an accessory suitable for the RugGear:

  • RG170
  • RG360
  • RG650
  • RG655
  • RG930i


RugGear PTT headset 3.5mm

This PTT headset 3.5mm from RugGear is specially designed for RugGear’s handsets. The headset features a PTT (push to talk) button and microphone.

This Push To Talk headset is designed for use with a telephone. Using the earpiece and microphone with clip, this headset from RugGear is easy to use.This accessory is compatible with the RG170 – RG360 – RG650 – RG655 – RG930i.

Article-number: 25020400 and EAN: 6954561728887.