i.Safe Mobile IS930.1

i.SAFE Mobile IS930.1

The IS930.1 is the tablet for use in ATEX Zones 1/21 and 1/Cl I Div1. The 8“ multi capacitive touchscreen tablet is highly robust, powerful and offers many technical advantages: 8.400 mAh Battery, Qualcomm Snapdragon SDM660,
Near Field Communication
and Android 9.0.

Sonim RS80

Sonim RS80

The Sonim RS80 offers all the power and efficiency of a fully rugged Sonim device, but new and bigger. The advantage is the 8-inch sunlight-readable display with the addition of a built-in barcode scanner, making it the tool for anyone who needs the functions of both a phone and scanner in one device.

Crosscall CORE-T4

The Crosscall CORE-T4 tablet proves its performance, resistance and waterproofing even for the most mobile workers in industrial, construction, hospitality sectors, regardless of the field in which it is used. It delivers high performance and features the latest fast interface.

RugGear RG930i

RugGear RG930i

The RugGear RG930i is the latest tablet from RugGear and is the successor of the popular RG910. This latest tablet is the perfect solution for rough conditions where a lot of work needs to be done in a safe way. This tablet runs on Android 11, has a very sturdy housing and extras, making it reliable and pleasant to use!

Ecom Tab-Ex Top5

ECOM Tab-Ex 02 DZ1

The ECOM Tab-Ex 02 is a rugged tablet for Zone 1 / DIV 1. The Tab-Ex 02 provides maximum efficiency and productivity for mobile workers. By simply capturing data, for information and decisions in real time, costs are reduced. More ease of use and better customer experience.