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Are you looking for a Push-To-Talk solution that is completely network independent? Includes Emergency Alert and Worker Protection? Then Team on the Run from Rugged Devices Shop offers a solution.

This cloud-based service offers the advantage that, in addition to a robust device such as the Sonim XP8, no additional equipment is required. This communication tool is suitable for smartphone, tablet and PC and offers industrial end-to-end security, ensuring your business privacy. Team on the Run works optimally in combination with, for example, the Sonim XP8.

Pay attention; Rugged Devices Shop charges a one-off fee of € 29.95 on the first invoice for preparing the appliance for use. Choose compose bundle or in the selection menu for Team on the Run connection costs.


Communicate directly with Push-To-Talk

With Push-To-Talk, you can speak to colleagues directly at the touch of a button. You can do both with a group as one-on-one. Without having to dial a phone number. With Push-To-Talk communicates to you in real time. You can also quickly exchange encrypted information and the locations of your employees!

Benefits of Team-on-Run

  • Push-To-Talk Push-To-Talk (PTT) allows users to access their mobile phones to be used as “walkie-talkies” with an unlimited range.
  • Push-to-Talk makes it possible to send speech on an individual basis or to a group.
  • VoIP calling allows for effortless communication with partners around the world via WiFi. Hands-free answer option for use while driving or operating machines. BYOD approach saves you money on new devices.


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